Membership Requirements

Full Membership Requirements


  1. Must be approved by majority of Full patch members in good standing
  2. Legally Licensed with motorcycle endorsement.
  3. Insured and road worthy motorcycle with at least 750cc
  4. 21 years of age.
  5. 1500 mileage requirement
  6. 2 overnight trips
  7. Demonstrate at least a minimal knowledge of the history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers
  8. Hang around for six months
  9. Six-month probation
  10. $130 Initiation Fee

Associate Criteria


  1. 21 years of age
  2. Want to support and play a role in the chapter's mission
  3. Supported by a member in good standing
  4. Any family member or significant other
  5. Hang around for six months
  6. $120 Initiation Fee